Recent Applications of Diazirines in Chemical Proteomics


Chem. Eur. J. 10.1002/chem.201805004

     The elucidation of substrate-protein interactions is an important component of the drug development process. Due to the complexity of native cellular environments, elucidating these fundamental biochemical interactions remains challenging. Photoaffinity labeling (PAL) is a versatile technique that can provide insight into ligand-target interactions. By judicious modification of substrates with a photoreactive group, PAL creates a covalent crosslink between a substrate and its biolgical target following UV-irradiation. Among the commonly employed photoreactive groups, diazirines have emerged as the gold standard. In this Minireview, recent developments in the field of diazirinebased photoaffinity labeling will be discussed, with emphasis being placed on their applications in chemical proteomic studies.

If you need the building block library with Diazirine, please feel free let me know.