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Introduction of Chemical.AI


Chemical.AI is an artificial intelligence company, leveraging both human expertise and AI technology. The company empowers chemists to accelerate their innovation; helping shape the future of chemistry.

Chemical.AI has developed a customizable platform to plan synthetic routes in anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Based on advanced machine-learning and big-data technologies, the computer-aided synthesis route design is gaining much research attention in developing it into a practical tool for chemists. Chemical.AI’s system is designed, used and proven by chemists.

The system notably displays the following characteristic features:

  1. Predicting the synthesis route for unreported molecules,
  2. Finding new routes for reported molecules,
  3. Sorting or filtering routes by cost, steps, difficulties, etc.,
  4. Generating multiple synthesis routes in one click,
  5. Potentially integrating clients’ Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) data to provide reaction procedures.

With customers including leading CROs and big pharma, and looking at user feedback, Chemical.AI provides one of the best CASP solutions in its sector.

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